Advisory Services in entering the Indian market

Sequoia Partners provides Internationalization services for European companies planning to expand their operations to India or Nepal for sourcing or business development purposes. We have extensive experience in Information and Communication Technologies and Power Generation and Transmission industries.

Our services include conducting market research and analysis. We assist in completing regulatory and legal research on operational structure and conditions. We help formulate the right strategy for entering the Indian market or using it for sourcing for the right resources. We assist in identifying, selecting and completing a due-diligence of prospective partners or vendors. Once you would decide to establish your presence in India, we provide all the needed services for setting up a company in India including registration, Trademark registration, quality certifications. Finally we help you in attracting, interviewing and selecting the right personnel for your operations.

India is a huge and attractive market for European companies. Sequoia Partners has the network to help you develop your sales channels and connect with the right people for market entry and eventual success in India.