Ilkka Aura was instrumental in selling the Managed Services concept to Yoigo year 2006 and was personally in charge of the Yoigo account as the Chief Executive Officer of Qvantel from 2006 to 2009.

Yoigo is TeliaSonera Group's subsidiary in Spain and operates a nation wide 3G mobile network. Yoigo was launhed in December 2006 with a new revolutionary company brand. The focus was on simplicity – people should be able to understand what they were paying for. In less than five years Yoigo has acquired close to 3 million mobile subscribers being the fastest growing operator in Spain. Yoigo's objective is to have 10% market share by 2015.

Yoigo's business model was built up with the focus on outsourcing so as to achieve maximum flexibility through access to the expertise of the company's suppliers. The strategy was to become the first low-price operator in Spain. Yoigo employes less than 90 employees.  The entire Business Support System was acquired from Qvantel on Managed Services business model. Qvantel also  performs most of the revenue management business processes.

Yoigo has been able to highlight its strengths, i.e. Simplicity, Efficiency, Honesty, Transparency and Inventivesness, and has not only made a niche for itself in mobile telephony but has actually become a company of business school reference in many aspects and a leader in innovation.



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