Sequoia facilitates the creation and execution of successful business with sustainable competitive advantage as a Trusted Advisor for information technology companies. This is achieved through the following services and modes of engagements:

The SaaS Assessment

The SaaS Assessment is a standardized process for assessing the viability of any Software as a Service business and its relevant ecosystem. The SaaS Assessment assesses how well the current SaaS business plan utilizes the true characteristics of the SaaS business model and drills deeper to assess how well the current SaaS business plan applies the best business practices and success factors of SaaS business..

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Transition to Managed Services 

Transition to Managed Services is a standardized process for assisting a Solution Provider to take a more comprehensive role as their customers Performance Partner and finally Value Partner.  Value Partners are involved directly with their customer's business through monitor, maintain and operate agreements. Value Partners are compensated based on the actual performance of the system based on Key Performance Indicators that reflect the profitability and efficiency of the customer’s operations. Relationships are long term and vendor lock based on value creation instead of technology.

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Advisory Services in entering the vast Indian markets

Sequoia assists Scandinavian companies in entering the vast Indian markets either souricng skilled resoures or selling their products and service in the Indian market. Building a bridge between the Scandinavian and Indian cultures requires good understanding of the mindsets in both markets. Sequoia Partners combines the experience and local market knowhow for the best combination of skills and capabilities. Sequoia offers a full range of consulting services from market studies to recruiting services.

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Board of Directors and Advisory Board memberships

Sequoia supports the long term development of its customers by providing advisory services as  member of the the Board of Directors.  Before the membership is agreed, the business plan is carefully reviewed and the areas of subject matter expertise needed are evaluated. Once a satisfactory match is found and engagement goals are set and key contribution indicators are designed, only then the engagement is agreed.

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