The SaaS Assessment

The SaaS Assessment is a standardized process for assessing the viability of any Software as a Service business and its relevant ecosystem. The SaaS Assessment assesses how well the current SaaS business plan utilizes the true characteristics of the SaaS business model and drills deeper to assess how well the current SaaS business plan applies the best business practices and success factors of SaaS Business.

The SaaS Assessment is a combination of online surveys, business plans reviews and face to face workshops and one on one consulting.


The process will address all the true characteristics of successful SaaS business and apply the best best business practices to the defined SaaS Go-to-Market plan.

Finally all the business processes are reviewed and aligned to support the a coherent and holistic business plan.

As a deliverable the SaaS company receives a thorough Go-to-Market business plan with identified competitive advantages and true SaaS characteristics with assistance in implementing the plan in the chosen SaaS market.