Transition to Managed Services

Transition to Managed Services is a standardized process for assisting a Solution Provider to take a more comprehensive role as their customers Performance Partner and finally Value Partner.  Value Partners are involved directly with their customer's business through monitor, maintain and operate agreements. Value Partners are compensated based on the actual performance of the system based on Key Performance Indicators that reflect the profitability and efficiency of their customer’s operations. Relationships are long term and vendor lock is based on value creation instead of technology.

As competition has shifted from features to business models, the transition to Value Partner role is a must and requires careful planning. The execution of  the transformation from Solution Provider to Value Partner requires an assessment of most all internal and external business processes.

Creating the Managed Services Business Plan

Sequoia Partners facilitates the process of defining a winning Managed Services strategy and related business plan to position the platform vendor as a Value Partner for its customers. The facilitation includes two distinct areas:

1. Defining the Managed Services services

Defining the Managed Services services facilitates the process of defining all the essential components of Managed Services to the sufficiently detailed level. The facilitation also includes the assessment for the changes in the corprorate culture mandatory to have the true attitude of Value Partner.

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2.  Defining the Managed Services Go-to-Market Business plan

The managed Services business plan includes all the essential elements of a complete Go-to-Market business plan.

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